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13 Going on 30

I hereby declare my undying love for Mark Ruffalo.

True, I had already been respecting him plenty from "You Can Count On Me" and he was the only thing I liked in that interminable sunshine movie and he was endearing in that dying girl flick with Sarah Polley, but honestly? I loved him best in this silly re-make of "Big." (And this is why I will never ever be hip. And, I'm resigned to that fact. And? I'm okay with it. I mean, really, how many cool and hip people does the world need?)

I can't possibly tell you how absolutely I want to scoop him up and move right into his apartment and be his girlfriend. And that's all I really want. I don't want to be married to him and I don't want to know what he is like in real life. I want Matty to be my boyfriend (except, can we change the name? I really don't like the name Matty-- but we can work that out later).

So, other than my flaming, pre-adolescent crush was there anything about this movie to recommend? Um, well, personally, I think it will take about 10 girls-are-so-mean-and-surviving-junior-high-is-akin-to-surviving-boot-camp movies per year for 40 years before the balance even BEGINS to settle out with all those guy's-wife-and-child-are-killed-and-he-seeks-revenge-with-bloody-and-completely-understandable-vengenance flicks.

I mean, come on. They should have stopped all that after Mad Max.

So, the flick is good. Good like jujubees. Not the best candy. Not Belgian chocolate. But fun. And really fun when you cram a handful into your mouth and chew and drool and your friends make you laugh and you choke on one. Fun like that.

updated: August 25, 2004

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