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Fahrenheit 911

Truth be told, I don't watch tv that much. If I watch anything it is Jon Stewart (from the night before) at 7 pm and when I'm home I'll watch Bill Moyers' NOW on Friday nights. But CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN-- never. What's the point? If I want entertainment, I'll watch Entertainment Tonight. At least Mary Hart isn't making any bones about what she's dishing out-- those tools on the "news" stations are a pack of pancake-faced puppets.

Nor do I read politics on-line. (but that's cause I don't follow ANY politics ever since I find it insane that we have not evolved as a species and are repeating behavior that's older than the Greeks). So, though I am aware of the attacks on Michael Moore, I haven't actually read any.

I did read the film review in The New Yorker and had to laugh. Do you think Mr. Moore is an aspiring filmmaker? Do you think he is interested in the craft of film? Please. It's a vehicle, people. A vehicle. A powerful medium for him to express his truths.

So, we went to see Fahrenheit 911 Friday night. T was a bit disappointed because he expected new info (but then T follows politics closely and reads widely so he is better informed than most). I think T was expecting it would be a bit more dispassionate, a bit more like Frontline. Me? I loved the fact that the theater was packed. Packed. (Bear in mind that only 3 cinemas in the ENTIRE state of NH were running the film for the first 2 weeks of its release-- shall I repeat that? Only THREE FUCKING CINEMAS in the ENTIRE state!!!!!)

Basically, the charges levelled at Mr. Moore are absurd. This is an essay. An op-ed piece. He is turning over rocks. He is stirring it up. With any luck, other people will pick up the charge and focus on one rock at a time. That is not what Mr. Moore is about.

But thank god for him. Thank God. But, will it make any difference? Will we be strong enough to shake off the chains and revolt?

We'll see . . . .

updated: July 11, 2004

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