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This is one of those movies that I would never have seen if it weren't for someone (whose opinion I respect) had told me that they really liked it. So thanks, Otter!

What surprised me so much with this film was how poorly it was promoted. I remember the trailers just totally turning me off with a big close-up of Helena Bonham Carter going all queerass googly eyed at something and then circus performers (and yeah, I'm one of those people that hate clowns and circuses and circus people give me the heebie jeebies and I don't know HOW my beloved Jodie Foster could be spending so many years of her life making a circus film Dona Flor or something like that-- but how I do digress). My point was simply that the trailers made me think it was some wacky, trippy (but not in a good way) Tim Burton goof movie.

Instead, it was a story about a father and son. A story that has been told before, for sure-- as all stories have been told before. But it was SO appealing. My crush on Billy Crudup was inflamed yet again. (Although I could never doodle Mrs. Billy Crudup, Mrs. Billy Crudup over and over cause his last name is just, well-- gross).

I got very weepy at the end. Sniffles. Wet face. And no, I wasn't pms-ing. I thought it captured a man who needed to break out of the adolescent perspective on his father. And how he does just that. And Billy Crudup has the toughest part to play, I think. Jessica Lange is just sexy and delicious and I will happily watch her do just about anything. The wife of Billy Crudup was well cast and it didn't hurt that she was French so I could EASILY project myself into her and just be wedded to him myself with that little French accent.

Of course, I haven't even mentioned any of the visuals--- um, they were good.

Detractions? Helena Bonham Carter-- ugh-O-RAMA. And, do I HATE how Tim Burton has a thing with small dark-haired, brown-eyed women who he makes faux BLONDE? (Reference Winona Rider in Edward Scissorhands). HATE that shit. Also, did you HAVE to bring in Danny DeVito?? Did you have to? That really burnt my toast.

But overall-- I was really glad I saw it and it was nothing like what I thought it would be. And I adored how Mrs. Billy Crudup was dressed on her wedding day-- oh swoon me.

updated: June 09, 2004

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