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lost in translation

Why do I love this film? This film was made by an exceedingly intelligent woman and it shows in every frame. The female protagonist wears simple, rather sexless clothing and no make-up yet is entirely alluring. The opening shot of her in silky pink panties was not invasive or degrading.

The biggest moments are so small and subtle.

The attraction between the two main characters was not about sex or age?it was about feeling absolutely disconnected and alone and then discovering there is someone else in the world who sees it as you do and speaks your language (and I don?t mean just English) and the resulting, overwhelming relief to genuinely connect with another human being.

When it ended I was exhilarated with the feeling I get when I stand before a wonderful painting or read a fabulous novel?it inspires me to create.

And, I love to see how the very best work must reveal the artist. I know that Sophia Coppola sat on a windowsill in some Japanese hotel for hours at a time while her husband was out pursuing his gig. I love thinking of how the story grew from her perched in that empty space and how she made something good (the film) grow out of a difficult (a vacuous marriage) situation. This will stand as one of my all-time favorites for some time to come.

updated: March 21, 2004

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