July 06, 2010 8:17 AM- I don't want to be that crazy lady

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Did you hear that?

A big snuffling, shuffling, stumbling sigh of relief?<--! Yeah, that was me.

Because really, you know that list? That list of the ten most stressful things in life? Yeah, well, except for having triplets in the backseat of a taxi in the middle of a snowstorm with a driver who speaks no English--
I think I have the other nine pretty much covered this week.

Signing divorce papers (um, that would be today, so check!)

Moving house (still in need of a spatula and corkscrew, but check!)

Launching a book (months and months in the making and it is HERE today, check!)

Having the sketchiest of sketchy phone and internet at your new digs with no possibility of satellite, DSL or even dial-up! That's right, I am too remote for even getting dial-up! So, let's just say, the list may have been written before the internet but if it were written now, being WITHOUT INTERNET when you have an on-line business and are in the middle of a book launch is right up there with exceedingly STRESSFUL situations.

I'm thinking it should take the spot between "broken washing machine and a baby with diarrhea" and "you've fallen into a ravine, shattered the femur in both legs and the battery on your cell phone is dead."

Do I sound like I am complaining? I am not complaining. I am weary and wondering when that simple (oh so sweetly simple) life I keep visualizing will manifest. I am thinking soon, soon.

Meantime, can I tell you about the journal, volume one? Will that be too self-promotey? Because honestly? I have never been quite so excited or proud about anything before in my life and the great beauty of this book is that it is all about collaboration.

It is an extraordinary collaboration of so many talents I get all weepy just thinking about it.

But don't take my (obviously biased) word for it. Here is what my niece Lauren said after reading through a final draft of the manuscript (and let me just add Lauren's temperament is such that adjectives such as "nice" and "cute" are pretty much the highest compliments you'll ever get):

Lauren: (rather breathily) Oh Beth, it's magical.

And then, the next words out of her mouth, "It's a true art book."

So, if it can rouse a response like that from Miss Taciturn, I promise you-- it's good.

More soon when I am able.

Bisous, E

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Jazz says:
I. WANT. THAT. BOOK. That's all - though it sucks about your internet.
posted on: July 06

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Megsie says:
Oh, I hate that you are on "the list" but power on...you have a book out! I am sorry to say that Jeanine beat you out of the announcement for me. So, I am happy to tell you that I have ALREADY ordered it, and now I have a reason to look forward to August! Congratulations! *Um. NO DIAL-UP??? God help you.
posted on: July 06

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melissa says:
already ordered my copy and a couple more...now can I help with anything else. oh i am so sending you a picture that will make you smile...xoxo
posted on: July 06

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Chris says:
As soon as I get home I am ordering it. Cannot wait! Hang in there with The List. This too shall pass . . .
posted on: July 06

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gretchen says:
Just ordered my copy- can't wait to have it in my eager little hands. And to paraphrase Lauren, "Oh Beth, YOU are magical". Sending big hugs and wishes for the 'list' to grow shorter with each passing day.
posted on: July 06

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Karen D says:
Wow, you have alot on your plate, just breathe and take one step at a time...that's what they say but I am sure much harder to do, the book looks amazing and I have ordered mine. Can;t wait to meet you live in person in Sept. Karen D
posted on: July 06

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Lauren says:
Ooof. I won't say happy divorce, because ick, but happy day that sends you and T on a new, wonderful path. (That's nice and gentle, right?) I think you're constitutionally incapable of obnoxious whining. And you're not doing it right now. Also: could I perhaps have your new address? (I suck at surprises. Sorry.)
posted on: July 06

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Susan says:
Congratulations! That is so exciting. Have you investigated mobile access? Get internet through the cell phone system - not as fast as DSL but definitely better than dial up.
posted on: July 07

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Sam says:
So exciting! Spectacular, spectacular, no words in the vernacular! I'm sorry about the paper signing (always seems so cold, PAPERS! about things of the heart!) and also about the lack of Internet. For years my parents have been unable to get any good semblance of Internet service. I always liked it, it was like a retreat in a sense. But now my little iPhone can pick up the barest signal... The book! I can't wait to see it.
posted on: July 07

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Swirly says:
In the midst of all of this, if you dared to take an hour, an afternoon or even an entire day, to simply rest, recharge and take care of yourself, everything will still unfold beautifully. Be good to yourself my friend.
posted on: July 08

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thea says:
And you are moving through beautifully my love. Just beautifully. You created a BOOK!!!! Yeah you. I ordered mine and am waiting with pure delight to crack it open and devour every morsel! And the no internet will turn out to be a gift....it must, because the universe is providing for you love, exactly what you need. xoxoxoxo
posted on: July 11

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