November 11, 2007 1:08 PM- somebody's special day

Oh little miss,

Twelve months ago today I drove down to the puppy pick-up stop and brought you home. True, the butterscotch boys got birthday hats to celebrate our first year together, but they had something much more special in mind for you.

Much like the tradition among some folks of a spank, a pinch, or a shot of tequila for each year older, the boys decided to give you their tussle of love.

Yes, you would be advised to run away.

(Good thing no one would ever call you a girly girl I can hear you in between your squeals-- you're shouting "bring it!" aren't you.?)

Has no one ever told you? Love hurts.

Speaking of a painful love, let?s be clear?you were the perfect puppy. Perhaps because we made so many mistakes on the older brombies, we did a couple of training things right with you?mostly keep you close all through the day so you bonded to us and not them.

You do so many things right?you are sweet and sociable. . You ALWAYS come when you are called which is the definition of a good dog, per me. You are a champion snuggler and yet, you are never needy or clingy. You love to travel in the car and are a dream companion.

In fact, you had the reigning title of ?best dog ever? wrapped up until a few months ago. The perfect puppy developed a terrible and expensive habit: we came home to our beautiful, custom-built window sills with a Daisy mouth-sized chunk chewed out of them!

I cannot begin to tell you how much this sucks. The design of these sills defies an easy replacement AND, girlfriend, we already have tons of unfinished projects, we really do not need to go back and redo work that was complete.

After the second incident, T decided to dissuade you by putting big nails into the spot you liked to chew.

Did this deter you? Uh, no, you just moved down the window and began a new spot.

Next, he decided to put hot pepper on the spot you liked. Again, much like The Great Nail Solution, you just moved onto new real estate.

The end result was a room replete with ruined sills. (Made especially pretty with nails! and red stain!)

Some might say, hmm, how interesting that this all began just as I started commuting and being away from home days at a time. To them I would say NPP (NO Psychoanalyzing of Pets)!

(Also, methinks this might be payback for The Contest But wait! That would be an even more aggregious act of NPP, n'est-ce pas?).

And, I would say, damn, even dogs that never go to the vet with a snout-full of quills or a backside gouged by a bobcat or legs impaled with sticks STILL cost us time and money. Damn.

But, hell if you aren?t just a lovable fluffbunny of a dog, damn you.

Here. Have a birthday stick.

I can tell from your face it?s like your dark chocolate, non?

Oh, ecstasy.

got 2 cents?

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Bridgemor says:
Happy birthday to ya Daisy, however BP, the window sills, WOW, that is some kinda payback. It's even painful for me to look at and I can tell from the construction the sills are not easily replaced. I hope your able to figure out a solution to Daisy's, "I'm gonna get back a them" chewing behavior. Wish I new what to say, good luck. She's soooo lucky she has a very high cute factor.
posted on: November 11

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vespa rossa says:
that second to last photo KILLS ME! what a darling gal.
posted on: November 11

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river selkie says:
i say visit the pet psychic. a friend of mine used to swear a pet psyhich fixed her dog's pee problem. i believe it! and, i just adore that first photo of daisy. she's all growed up!!
posted on: November 12

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Jazz says:
Daisy, will you behave! Look at your brothers, they aren't wreaking destruction!
posted on: November 12

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Claire says:
she so pretty. But yeah, time to break out the steel edging...
posted on: November 12

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endment says:
Happy Birthday to Daisy But ----- was just thinking about getting a pet ---- I wonder?
posted on: November 12

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Joy says:
My brother & sister-in-law are going to look at a dog today! She's in a foster home, 6 yrs old, was lost and now found, and the foster people are calling her Hope. I am beside myself with glee. I want so badly to be a dog-aunt.
posted on: November 12

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bella says:
Ahh, a year. Has it really been that long? Well, it sure has been fun. xo
posted on: November 12

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bad penguin says:
Happy birthday Daisy!
posted on: November 12

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melanie says:
I've never even owned a house and I feel kind of ill looking at those window sills and thinking about how you are going to repair them. However, that has to be the sweetest face ever (especially second-to-last photo) - Happy Birthday little chewy girl!
posted on: November 12

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dodo says:
Dear Daisy, Happy birthday Love, Rose xx
posted on: November 12

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bohemiangirl says:
Happy Birthday sweet Daisy. You are a little bugger but there's something about fluffy ears and puppy eyes that makes me turn a blind eye to certain things. I was never a very good pet discipliner. Then again, I never did have to deal with chainsaw massacred window sills . yikes. Focus on the snuggles bp.
posted on: November 12

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lizardek says:
Two words: Marble sills. Since ya gotta replace 'em anywho.
posted on: November 12

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otter says:
Happy Anniversary, Miss Daisy Priss! You have the most wondeful family--both doggie and humans. I miss y'all terribly! *rubs ears of Daisy, Henry, Ollie, T and BP*
posted on: November 12

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liz elayne says:
happy, happy birthday miss daisy!!! and oh my goodness, those window sills...wow, wow, wow. thank goodness she is such an adorable sweetheart.
posted on: November 12

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Steph says:
I want to throw you a stick, too, Daisy! GO LONG!!! xo *s
posted on: November 13

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susan says:
oh daisy! happy birthday you sweet naughty thing you!
posted on: November 13

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catherine says:
holy shit daisy! wtf!? who put you up to this? which one? they were sick of your golden angelness and have bullied you into badness...don't think for a second humans can't figure this stuff out, we've watched enough of the Sopranos to know your legs are in danger of being broken...you poor lass!
posted on: November 13

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